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Scoodle is a mixed breed of Scottish Terrier and pure Poodle. This adorable breed varies in size from small to medium depending upon the genetics derived from parents. He can weigh from 10 to 20 pounds and reach to a height of 12 inches. He owes short or medium size coats with straight, curly, wiry, or silky hair. His square shaped body resembles the genes of Scottish Terrier and longer legs resemble the genes of Poodle. His eyes are dark brown in color and his tails are medium in size.

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Scoodle is an adorable canine with a sense of affection towards the family. His ease of developing a bond with the family makes it lovable. Leaving him alone can have a bad effect on his mind and he can also suffer the issues of separation anxiety. His loyalty is visible in the way he gives protection to the loved ones. He is also a good watchdog and proper caretaker. Well, he has the habit of excessive barking and proper training is a must. All this chubby canine requires is lots of appraisal and rewards.

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8-12 inches
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10-20 lbs
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General Health

The general health issues the scoodle faces are Sebaceous Adenitis, Cushing\'s Disease, Addison\'s Disease, Epilepsy, Sebaceous Adenitis, and Bloat. It is really important to take Scoodle for a regular checkup.

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Scoodle is a mixed breed between two purebred Scottish Terrier and Poodle. Scottish Terrier an independent and stubborn breed was used for hunting vermin and for searching prey. Terriers in Scotland were bifurcated into two groups- the Skye Terriers and the Dandie Dinmont Terriers. On the other hand, Poodle was counted among the second most intelligent canine breed preceded by Border Collie. Poodle was termed as Chien canard because of their duck-hunting skills. Poodle is best in obedience, agility, and tracking and is popular for its circus skills.

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Scoodle is an easy handling dog and an owner will never find trouble in maintaining him. He sheds less and is also hypoallergenic and therefore he is a suitable option for the one with allergies. Brushing him weekly is enough for keeping him look good and adorable. In case his coats grow long, you need to brush him twice a week to cease the hairs getting tangled. Scoodle do not require regular bathing and giving them few baths a week is enough. It is really important to take care of the teeth of the canine. Brush his teeth regularly to maintain their health and gums. Keep a check on the eye, wipe them when they get dirty, clear the ears to prevent infection or dirt. Also, clip their nails to avoid irregular breaking.

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Ideal Environment

Scoodles is among the active breeds that host a high level of energy. The reason behind his activeness lies in his exercise that he requires daily to be active and fit. He is not fond of long walks but a daily walk is a must for him. In addition to that, healthy playful time with the family boosts his spirits up. He also turns out to be a good option for the first time owners and can be kept in apartments without any hassle. Scoodles finds it fun to chase other small animals so it’s a must to give him space to play in the park or an open area. His sensitive body conditions restrict him to stay in hot for too long. Well, it’s a must to make him exercise in the morning and evening.

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