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Scotchon is a small dog featuring floppy ears and lots of curly fur on the body. The color of the fur varies from light brown to black, grey, and mixture of these colors. These playful dogs are full of energy showing their affectionate and friendly nature. Scotchon is the mixed breed of Scottish Terrier and Bichon Frise and has inherited its features from his parents. They have dark eyes and a black nose, with study and medium sized head. This breed requires regular exercise to maintain their high energy levels.

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Scotchon resembles their parents in personality and character. Just like one of the parent breed Scottish Terrier, Scotchon is a family dog who enjoys living in the company of their parents. By nature, they are very smart, friendly, energetic, and easy to train pups. They tend to get closure with other dogs easily, and trainers recommend to socialize these dogs at an early age as to avoid difficulty in young age. They feature an independent and affectionate personality. Well, these canines possess a loud bark and are always ready to bark at anything. Scotchon inherits the hunting skills from Scottish Terrier and timid personality from Bichon Frise.

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14-20 inches
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16-25 lbs
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General Health

The major issues Scotchon face are Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, and Scottie Cramp. Veterinarian recommends occasional testing of an Eye examination, Blood Count, Skin Evaluation, Allergy Testing, DND, or VWD.

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Scotchon is the mixed breed between Scottish Terrier and Bichon Frise. The Scottish Terrier is a small hunting dog with sandy or black colored, small in size with strong and long haired. By 1800, there inherited two distinct breeds name the Scottish Terrier and the English Terrier. The Bichon Frise is descendant of the Barbet. This breed is the origination of Tenerife, and French or Italians brought it to Europe.

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Similar to their parents, Scotchon also has dense and double coated fur. Although they are not regular shredder, they require frequent grooming and combing. Brushing them weekly is ideal for eliminating the creation of tangles and maintaining the health of the skin. Some Scotchon has delicate skin, and it is highly recommended to avoid frequent bathing as it can irritate. Removing the tangles before bathing these pups is must, as afterward, one may find difficulty in untangling them. One should also make sure to trim the fur to give a smart look. Scotchon finds fleas irritating, so it is must to prevent the pup.

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Ideal Environment

Scotchon is an active enthusiast, and they show their skills in different activities. Similar to their parents who require a 20-minute walk every day twice, Scotchon also feels relief and energizing after spending that time. The other side of these dogs reveals a destructive nature when they get bored or feels an extreme level of energy in them. They find difficulty in running because of their short legs, and but they enjoy having interaction with other dogs. They turn out to be a good choice for an apartment. Their dense coat protects from cold weather and suits them. Ideally, they are a family dog, so living with the family is a must for them.

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