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The Scottish-Skye Terrier is a small hybrid dog obtained by crossbreeding a Skye terrier and Scottish terrier. It has a short height but has an elongated form, and has a whiskered appearance with forelocks enveloping its face. The dog has a double coat-a long and silky outer layer and a soft and thick inner layer. Scottish-Skye terriers were originally bred to hunt small quarries like badgers and squirrels. The dog has a mind of its own and remains fearless in the face of danger or life risks. This small dog breed is best suited for an apartment life though it will adapt effectively to living in the countryside.

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The Scottish Skye Terrier stays calm and composed indoors but is active, outgoing, and brave outdoors. It stays devoted to family and shares a strong bond with a specific family member. The canine gels nicely with children, particularly if they refrain from taunting it. Early socialization enables the dog to become tolerant towards other canine breeds and house pets when it matures. However, some Scottish-Skye terriers are often overbearing with other breeds of dogs. This dog breed, by and large, is standoffish and reticent towards strangers.

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The male Scottish Skye Terrier stands tall at 20-25 inches while the female could reach a height of 19-23 inches.
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Male-11-18lbs; female-10-17lbs
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General Health

The Scottish-Skye Terrier is especially vulnerable to back problems, chronic hepatitis, foramen magnum dysplasia, glaucoma, ectopic urethra, and renal dysplasia. Make sure you take the dog to a vet once every six months for a regular checkup.

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Tracing the historical roots of the Scottish Skye Terrier, it is a hybrid dog breed that emerged towards the end of the 19th century. There’s a widespread belief that the breed may have existed before 1859. However, owing to the absence of any records, canine specialists cannot pinpoint their exact period of origin. Before 1859 and about two decades afterward, Scottish Terriers were regarded as purebreds but were called Aberdeen Terriers. The Scottish terrier was, for the most part, reared in Aberdeen, a port city in North-East Scotland. The Scottish terrier is closely related to the West Highland White as both the breeds originated from the Blackmount areas of Moor of Rannoch and Perthshire. The Scottish Terrier Club came upsss in the year 1882. This dog breed gets its name from the Isle of Skye, the largest of the Inner Hebrides islands, close to the Scottish mainland. According to folklore, a Maltese dog, the sole survivor of a shipwreck that swam to the Scottish shore is the earliest ancestor of the Scottish-Skye Terrier.

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This hybrid dog breed can do with minimal maintenance. However, you’ll need to brush his thick and heavy dual coat nothing less than twice a week to check the wilting. Wash the dog once a month using a gentle dog shampoo to keep his coat clean and free from allergies.

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Ideal Environment

A Scottish-Skye Terrier is perfectly at home, regardless of whether he’s relaxing with his family indoors or living with his master in the countryside.

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