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The Sharp Eagle may be a very good natured pet. They get along with other pets and children. They may whine a bit when not given enough attention or left outside too long. They are stubborn when they smell something and letting them off the leash is not a good idea because they may track for some distance. They are eager to please but it may take a few moments for a command to register before they will act on it. They love all people, not just their owners. They tend to prefer socializing with larger dogs but do fine with smaller breeds after some socialization.

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18-19 inches
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40-45 pounds
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General Health

Most don’t like hot temperatures but do fine in the cold.

Since they are bred from the Shar-pei they may have an Entropian eye lids where the bottom eye lid folds inward and causes discomfort; Entropian surgery may have to be performed where they remove a piece of the bottom eye lid out so the eyelid will not touch the eye as much.

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This breed requires minimal brushing.

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Ideal Environment

They do fine in apartments and small yards if well exercised. They may become anxious, bored and mischievous if not properly exercised. Dog proof your fencing, they are escape artist. This breed is very inquisitive, smart and good at problem solving.

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