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The Shel-Aussie is a hybrid of the Scottish Shetland Dog and the Australian Shepherd Dog, and has a charming appearance. Shel-Aussies have inherited have inherited numerous physical features and behavioral traits from their parents. For instance, it has a very thick and furry coat that calls for good caring. On the other hand, though the dog can adapt well to almost climatic types, it could experience health issues in extremes of temperature. This dog breed is extremely affectionate and caring towards its family, especially with children and other dog breeds. However, it is somewhat aloof and cold towards strangers, and being highly sensitive, it does not prefer staying alone.

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If you’re thinking of bringing up a Shel Aussie you’ll definitely warm up to its obedient and officious nature. This dog tends to be remarkably intelligent, friendly and playful by nature, just like its parents. These qualities also make the Shel-Aussie highly amenable to obedient and socialization training. Moreover, their herding and vigilant instincts which their parents have passed onto them also make them excellent guard dogs. Also, since it comes across as a very loyal breed of dog, it makes a good house pet. However their herding instincts do not make them a good choice for families and homes that keep small animals as pets. Their playful and lively nature makes them great companions when you go out jogging or walking or embark on a trekking trip. Early socialization would ensure that they’re affable towards other pets, kids, and strangers.

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16-23 inches.
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General Health

The Shel-Aussie is particularly prone to Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, corneal dystrophy, Collie Eye Anomaly, and Hip Dysplasia. The dog has a moderate susceptibility towards cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, patellar luxation, deafness, hypothyroidism, allergies, dermatomyositis, and hemophilia. Scheduling a visit to the vet every six months for a thorough check up is recommended.

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To become familiar with the history of the Shel-Aussie, it is essential to trace the origins of its parents. The Shetland Sheep dog that owes its origins to the Scottish mainland is the descendant of Spitz, King Charles spaniel, and Yakki dogs that thrived in the Shetland Islands off the Scotland coast. Continuous and extensive inbreeding and crossbreeding of the different local dog breeds led to the development of the Shetland Sheep dog. The Australian Shepherd Dog, contrary to what you think, did not originate from Australia but from the Pyrenees Mountains’ Basque region lying between Spain and France. Shepherds who migrated to North America from Australia cross bred the native Collies with the Pyrenean sheepdogs. The mixed dog breed accompanied their masters to the US together with sheep herds during the 19th cent.

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The thick and heavy coat of a Shel-Aussie requires thorough brushing at least two times in a week. And you’d have to brush his coat almost every day during the shedding season. The coat of this dog is dirt and water-resistant and hence it needs a bath once in a blue moon.

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Ideal Environment

The Shel-Aussie adapts well to living in an apartment as well as in a countryside or rural areas.

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