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Also known as a Zuchon.

The Schichon is a mixed breed dog that is the result of breeding a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. This type of dog is commonly referred to as a hybrid or a designer breed. The Shichon is sometimes called a fuzzy wuzzy. The Shichon takes its appearance from both breeds. For the most part, the Shichon will have a double coat that has an outer coat which is loosely curled and fluffy and an undercoat that is fine, soft and silky. The undercoat of this breed will usually be between three and four inches in length. For the most part, this breed is considered to be hypo-allergenic because it does not shed much, if any at all. The colors of the Shichon will vary based on the colors of the parents. Many are white like the Bichon Frise, but the dog may also take coloring from the Shih Tzu breed as well. The size of the breed will usually be somewhat small.

this is not an apperance but these breeds change color mine was a really light brown and white it then got its hair cut and changed to and very dark brown with little white when my other breed a maltese shih tzu and toy poodle got her hair trimmed and it did not change that is all thank you

This breed is also often referred to a "Teddy Bear". They are considered hypoallergenic because they do not grow fur. They grow hair, similar in makeup to human hair.

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Prospective owners should be aware that the Shichon tends to be intelligent and is also independent and bold. They are easy to live with and are typically easy to train. They get along with practically everyone, although they do make fairly good watch dogs. When necessary, this dog will bark to alert its family that someone is nearby, but this dog is not one that will usually bark excessively.

The Shichon is known for inheriting some of the best qualities from both parent breeds. They tend to be spunky and alert and love to play. They are also very affectionate and crave being with people. They become devoted to their families and do not do well when separated for long periods of time. This breed is typically good with other pets, especially when socialized at an early age. This dog gets along well enough with children, but it may be a good idea to socialize this breed at an early age as well as to supervise play time with children to make sure that the dog does not get hurt as a result of its small size.

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9-12 inches

9-12 inches
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7-12 pounds

8-13 pounds
Mine weights 16
from 10 to 25 pounds at full growth, depending on diet, exercise, and parentage
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General Health

The average life expectancy of the Shichon tends to be about 15 years, provided that it is given good care and receives regular check-ups. Generally, the Shichon suffers from fewer health problems than either of the parent breeds, but if a prospective owner is concerned about possible health problems, it is a good idea to check the parentage of the dog to determine whether there may be serious health problems possible. Some may suffer from dry skin.

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Like many hybrids, the Shichon was bred specifically to bring out the best of both of the parent breeds and reduce some common problems with the parent breeds. The Shichon as a designer breed has become popular in the last few years and is valued as a family and companion dog. The Shichon may be a first generation dog or a second generation. A first generation is produced by breeding a purebred Bichon Frise and a purebred Shih Tzu. A second generation is produced by breeding two Shichons. As a hybrid, the Shichon may not be eligible to be registered by a purebred registry but may be registered with a hybrid registry.

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The Shichon does not have a lot of significant maintenance issues. For the most part, this dog will manage to take care of its exercise needs on its own. That said, this breed of dog will enjoy being taken out on walks and will enjoy playing out in the open, provided that it is given appropriate supervision. The coat of the Shichon will require regular brushing and the dog will need to be bathed when necessary to keep the coat healthy and clean. Generally, the Shichon is not a heavy shedder, so there are usually not any concerns in that regard, which is one reason why this dog is so popular with families with allergies.

The hair of the Shichon does tend to mat easily, and will need to be combed or raked frequently. Many Shichon owners prefer their pets to be shaved as often as every 6 weeks to prevent painful mats and pulled hair.

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Ideal Environment

The best environment for the Shichon will be one in which it can live indoors with its family and have playtime on occasion outside. This is not a dog that will do well on the outside. It is well suited for apartment life considering that it is small, can get sufficient exercise on its own and does not bark excessively. It gets along well with children as well as with other dogs. Training may be a good idea for this breed, not because of poor behavior, but because the dog is intelligent and loves to learn and please its owners. Due to the fact that this dog enjoys being with humans so much and craves affection, this is not a dog that will do well in an environment where it will be left alone for long periods of time.

The dogs love to dance with you as well

They like to play on a grass field, never walk off-leash alone near trails, beware of coyote!

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What is a long amount time, that is, that they shouldn't be left alone? I work 8 hours days but spend most of my time at home on the weekends and come straight home from work. And when it was a puppy I was going to take lunchbreaks to come home too. Would this be enough attention? I think if that was ok, this would be a great breed for my family! Thanks for any input!

I have a 6 month old Schichon. I also work for 8 to 10 hours a day. I do come home at lunch to let her out of her kennel to potty and play fetch for a few minutes. On the days that I haven't made it home at lunch, she has done just fine, as long as spend alot of time with her in the evenings. If I have to go the office on the weekends, I just take her with me, and she loves it.


How do you pronounce Shichon?

She chon


I have a shichon but he goes long periods of time with out eatting and he will only eat one type of food Is it usual for this bread to be picky eater and how can I get him to eat his food ?

I find that if I feed my shishon on a regular schedule, then she will eat at those times. She is a picky eater, so I feed her Solid Gold Hund n Flocken Dog Food in the Gold Can and Sold Gold Just a Wee Bit Keeble in the Pink Bag. She really loves that lately.


We have a Shichon that is 1 year 5 months old. He is SO smart and can be trained so easily to do "tricks" but he does not grasp the potty training for some reason. It's so frustrating because we have tried everything and we've had him since 8 weeks old. He will go out side when we take him outside but he gives absolutely no indication that he has to go. He doesn't go to the door, bark, pace, or anything to give us a signal. He will sleep with me sometimes when my husband stays up late because we want him to be out of his kennel as long as one of us is awake and home but he sometimes pees on the bed. We are at a loss on what else to do! I've heard that this mix or even Bichon's can take longer (I've read up to two years!) to train so we are trying to be patient but it's so frustrating :( Any help would be greatly appreciated!

have you tried potty training pads?


I just bought a shichon and it was told to us it was 7 weeks but it was only 4 weeks and it died today coming home from the vet. Has anyone had a puppy so young and still lived?

no that is way too early find a better breeder yours seems sketch


what can i do to help him stop from constantly scratching.I bath him every 2 weeks,I feed him science diet food 1 year olds.Rudy is 16 months old,and is 19.7 pounds but not an oz of fat on him.He plays 24-7.So far this is my only problem with him.He is the best dog that I ever had. thanks Bob Leahy



I'm wondering if someone might be bale to look at my video here: and let me know if my new dog is indeed a Zuchon/Shichon. I bought him from a lady who said he is a purebred shih tzu. My mom and several freinds have shih tzus so I know them pretty well and my Mugsy doesn't look like a shih tzu at all. He does look just like all the photos I've seen of Zuchon/Shichons. Also, the lady told me he is 16 weeks old. But he seems rather large for a 16 week old puppy. He weighs 8 pounds and is 18 and a half inches from the tip of his nose to where his tail starts at his bum and he is 9 inches tall. Thanks for any asstance.

hi there :) im so sorry for u.... from what I can see to me your puppy looks like a shichon... ( He's adorable! ) Even though your other friends have shih tzus and they look like Mugsy that doesn't mean that mugsy is a pure bred.... The puppy gets its looks from its parents. You have to remember that a shihchon is in fact par shih tzu so it may just be that he got more of his mom or more of his dads looks. You may also be able o determine his from your breeder. Think about it. Did you get a health guarentee? Did she tell you to take him to the vet within 72 hours of getting him? Was she happy to answer your questions? And did she talk to you about his parents? These are some of the things a good breeder should do. If your breeder didn't do these things than he may have given you a pure bred.. I wish you all the best hope I helped and don't worry even if you find out that mugsy is a shih tzu because a shih tzu is still an awsome dog and I wish you and mugsy all the best again :)


Hi - we have a mails schichon who is almost 2 and are considering getting a second but just wondered if anyone had any views / opinions / experience of this? We are thinking another boy probably from the same mum and dad, but as much as we want one I really don't want to upset our current dog or make him in anyway unhappy! Any tips would be greatly received - thanks :-)

We also have a 2 yr old male schichon and were considering getting another. I was afraid of upsetting our current dog as well, but decided to go ahead and get another schichon. Oh Boy!! Not only was our dog upset, he was downright mad at us. He pouted and sulked for about a month. Then he finally gave up the pouting and sulking and tolerated the new puppy and just went about his business for the next couple of weeks. It wasn't much longer after that the two of them started playing together. Today, they are best buds and even sleep together!!

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