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My papillion is going on 2 years old, but his hair is still not getting long. It's long on his tail and around his face and ears but not on his back and stomach.Will it grow out more as he gets older?

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I am thinking it is not going to happen as my pup is the same at two years.

I have a Papillon, Johnny, who will be three in September 09. I have read a lot of literature on the breed and find that although they grow to full height by 1 year, their coat is not it's full length or fullness until it's approaching 3 years old. Johnny is getting full now with just 3 months to his third birthday. He's just a wonderful dog. I have read that they are difficult to potty train, but that was not the case for Johnny. Pap's like to do tricks, we taught him to ring bells tied to a strip of leather from the door to go out. He rings the bells, gets a treat and goes out. Now it's a great game. But he's SERIOUS when he goes over to ring his bells now.

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