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what can i do to help him stop from constantly scratching.I bath him every 2 weeks,I feed him science diet food 1 year olds.Rudy is 16 months old,and is 19.7 pounds but not an oz of fat on him.He plays 24-7.So far this is my only problem with him.He is the best dog that I ever had. thanks Bob Leahy

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Sounds like skin allergies this is is a tough one but the addition of omega threes can help or something to detox the dog like a zeolite solution.

I had a bischon maltese and he had a lot of allergies. Unfortunately, due to his health issues he was not able to get a lot of different types of meds due to his health issues. We found using Wen Pomegranate shampoo (yes, people shampoo you can find either online or at QVC) then rinse him good and give him an aveeno baby bath. We did NOT use either on his head as we did not want any of the shampoo or aveeno bath water to get in his eyes. It was amazing but he didn't itch anymore. Before using that combination of shampoo and aveeno baby, he used to keep me up ALL night long scratching! The vet was even surprised.

The food you have him on is awful. Try Natures recipe, it has fixed a lot of peoples issues. Hope this helps.

I have a Shichon that is 3 years old. I have found that giving him baths with oatmeal shampoo and oatmeal conditioner does seem to offer relief when he starts to scratch. I have been advised that the scratching is partly due to allergies and like you monitor his diet carefully. Also, because he ears bother him occasionally, I use a Nutri-Vet product to both clean and dry his ears once a week.

We have a shichon, Daisy aged 20 months, and we originally used Science Plan but she too did lots of scratching. She is now on James Well Beloved cereal and pouches for itchy skin and she does scratch sometimes but a lot less than previously. We also get her clipped every two months to keep her coat in excellent condition.

My shichon scratches too especially on the right side. The vet has just put her on 1/4 tsp liquid Omega 3 oil once a day - I drizzle it on her food at suppertime - she loves it - this was just recently but I think she is scratching a lot less already. Makes sense - ask your vet about Ascenta Canine Omega 3 Good luck :)

I have a 2 1/2 year old Shichon, Kobi! He is extremely healthy and we have never had any problems with him itching. We feed him Stella and Chewy''s dehydrated raw chicken and Blue Buffalo Beef Stew, Wellness Canned and Weruva canned. He doesn't like dry food and so we don't really feed it to him on a regular basis. I did have a Bichon for 16 1/2 years who had allergies to wheat and poultry and had terrible itchy skin until we did bloodwork to find out what he was allergic to so we could cut it out of his diet. As soon as we did that, no more problems. I would recommend having blood work done to determine whether or not your little guy is allergic to ingredients in his food.

Use any good "grain free" dog food. You may add water if your dog needs it or likes it soft. Once I switched, all the itching vanished within a week. I am using Merricks Grain Free dog food and it's very economical in the large bags. Once you buy it, Petco will send you coupons for future purchases. If that doesn't work, look into a raw food diet.

Try an oatmeal/hyperallergenic shampoo. Here is an informative site:

Try an oatmeal/hyperallergenic shampoo. Here is an informative site:

Try an oatmeal/hyperallergenic shampoo. Here is an informative site:

Baths every 2 weeks with moisturizing shampoo, brushing weekly, pajamas at night....royal canine food

Baths every 2 weeks with moisturizing shampoo, brushing weekly, pajamas at night....royal canine food

Baths every 2 weeks with moisturizing shampoo, brushing weekly, pajamas at night....royal canine food....also grooming every month keep hair at 1/2 - 3/4 " length

Our Shichon is 3 years old. He had various issues - digestive & itching - that all stopped once we put him on a grain-free diet. We give him Stella & Chewy's freeze dried patties in the evening & Orijen kibble in he morning. Hope that is of help.

Try a species only appropriate grain free honest kitchen... i terms of itchy i highly recommend NUVET Vitamibs...all human grade can order online at NUVET>COm order code to save 15% is 50952

I had the same issue but vet said over bathing will agitate and make it worse. It is going to dry out the coat and skin and that you should bathe rarely as possible. I was recommended James well beloved food as it's for dogs prone to allergies. Read up on the bichon as this is were these tendency a stem from for itch ing

We have a 4 year old and she was on Science Plan dry food only and she kept scratching so we have put her on a mixsture of wet food and a anti allergic kibble too - needless to say she is health and not scratching.

Some dogs have allergies, my vet has recommended Benadryl

Mine does the same thing and I take him to get shots for the itching, which he does quite well with. My vet also recommended daily antihistamine pills. Talk with your vet to see what's the better option and the one within your budget. Hope that helps.

The answer bathe him every 2 weeks, which is way too often. We did that with my shichon but he was itching like crazy it was driving us crazy. My vet told me my dog is perfectly healthy, you just can't wash him with shampoo or even water that often because it dries out their skin. They don't produce as much oil like humans do. We produce a lot of oil so we shower often, you wash a dog once a month (he shouldn't smell at all - my family is extremely clean and immaculate which is why we washed him so often at first, but we found other non-wet ways to keep him refreshed and clean) and it will last him. This fixed it. The itching and biting at his feet stopped DRAMATICALLY because we stopped. We rinsed him off with water once to remove excess shampoo from the skin and let him be for 2 months to recover from the amount of cleaning we were doing to him.

I have a 7 year old puggle, Abby, that has always had scratching issues. We went the route of allergy shots twice a year and allergy meds. Puggles are short-haired so don't require a lot of baths. Agree with others that too many baths make scratching worse. It dries out their skin and the natural oil in their skin layers. Honestly what has helped the most is a change of food. I had tried several different dry foods over the years and she still scratched and also threw up several times a week. I finally switched to Blue Buffalo salmon dry food over a year ago and I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference that has made! Abby's scratching has been reduced quite a lot and her coat is softer and filled in so much more on her belly, where it was almost bare before. She does not throw up anymore since eating Blue Buffalo. Good luck with your dog!

Stop bathing your dog so much. It's skin is dried out!! Do not bath more than once a month, if that.

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