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I have a shihpoo that has some dry sores on his back. I thought it was some kind of bug or parasite but I think it is just dry skin. What do you suggest I do for him? He is 1o weeks old and has long black hair.

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I was the proud companion to a wonderful ShihPoo named Cherokee Dancer. She too had the dry skin sores that you described here. I gave her bacon grease in her dog food about one time every two weeks. I also bathed her in a moisturizing dog shampoo. Both these things seemed to help. Of course, it goes without saying, you should consult your vet for a definitive diagnosis.

Please take him to the vet!

My shihpoo, Ari, occasionally would get similar patches, so we started bathing her not only with shampoo, but also human conditioner. This removed the dry patches almost immediately and made her fur much more manageable and soft. If this doesnt work after a few weeks, i would take her to the vet as it could be somekind of fungus that grows on both humans and dogs ( kind of like 'toe jam')

Use an oatmeal shampoo for dogs because they suffer with dry skin had this problem

I'm so sorry!

‘Mila’ 3 months, had the same thing in two places. Vet suggest omega 3 fatty acid. Good for her skin, coat and a lot of other things; 1 week later, it seem to work.

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