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We have a shihpoo named "Lucy" that we recently took to a lake near where we live. The lake has ducks and geese. We have never seen our little shihpoo go so crazy over chasing the ducks and geese! She paced and ran back and forth on the bank continuously for 45 minutes to an hour. She even jumped in the water leash and all....twice!!! Just curious if anyone else has experienced this with their shihpoos and whether it is a characteristic of the breed or just an idiosyncracy of our little shihpoo. Thanks in advance!

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My shih-poo, Darla, also loves the ducks and geese. I am sure she would jump in the water with them but I have never let her. The quacking and honking gets her very excited (but almost anything seems to rile her up!). It must be the poodle genes but she can be fast if she wants to be. Two nights ago she almost caught a full grown rabbit. I think because she is so little the rabbits don't see her as a threat (she is only 8lbs and they are almost as big as she is) until she is 5 feet away. Unfortunately, because they don't move out of the way, I don't see them until it's almost too late to avoid a terrible outcome.

Yes, I have found such... intense behavior to be common with my shihpoo, Ari. We live on a lake which used to be heavily populated by Canadian Geese and Ari would chase them away from our beach and into the water with ecstacy. In fact, when she was just a few months old, she jumped into the literally freezing water after them. She never did that again! Anyways, she also took great joy in chasing things like deer, quail, cats and really anthing that moves. However, be warned! This is NOT an innocent cat and mouse chase. The few times Ari actually caught something, she did kill it, without hesitation, or remorse. Thankfully, that only happened twice and to a quail ( anything else would have been far to large) I hope this helped!

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