Photo I have a shihpoo that has some dry sores on his back. I thought it was some kind of bug or parasite

Please take him to the vet!

Photo We have a shihpoo named "Lucy" that we recently took to a lake near where we live. The lak

My shih-poo, Darla, also loves the ducks and geese. I am sure she would jump in the water with them but I have never let her. The quacking and honking gets her very excited (but almost anything seems

Photo Our dog named Saydie sleeps in the bed with us. Just lately she has started panting after a couple

I have a16yr old shipoo,that's finally slowing down a bit, she started that panting also, I got her on a urinary health by now supplement for pets, she's doing much better, I've recently added hair, s

Photo I have an 8 month old Shihpoo who seems to have what I assume is a post nasal drip issue. He will d

Hi there... we too have experienced the same with our dog... we upgraded our air and water system and that helped alot... our first house had carpet and that seemed to really make it worse. It's been

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