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The Shinese is a hybrid of Shi Tzu and Pekingese (lion dog). They have various names such as Peke-A-Tzu, Shih-Teze, and Peke-Tzu. The Shinese is a loyal and caring breed and inherits its temperament from both its parents, thus is known to be very loving and headstrong. Early socialization and obedience training are important to ensure the puppies do not grow into a stubborn dog. Their life expectancy is between 12-15 years

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The Shinese is a loving, playful, loyal, and self-reliable dog. They are slightly stubborn and require early socialization so that they can adjust better in your family. They strongly dislike being isolated, and thus it\'s best that someone should accompany them all the time. The Shinese is very energetic and playful and loves to play with kids. They are excellent watchdogs and alert their owners immediately if they find something suspicious.

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8-12 inches
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10-16 lbs
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General Health

This small dog breed does not have many health issues, and therefore, they are easily maintainable. However, some major health-related concerns are given below: • Entropion • Eye conditions • Pateller luxation • Exposure keratopathy • Skin fold dermatitis • Invertebral disc disease • Brachycephalic Syndrome

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There is not enough information for Shinese\'s exact origin as it is a new hybrid. However, its parent\'s breed has a long history. Shih- Tzu is one of the oldest breeds alive. The breed began in Tibet. It is believed that Tibetan Lamas bred them. This breed served lamaseries and monks as a watchdog. There are many myths related to them. Later, few dogs came to Britain, and one of them was gifted to Queen Elizabeth, and they quickly gained popularity there. They got acceptance in the American Kennel Club in the year 1906.

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The Shinese has a long, thick furry coat that requires high maintenance. You need to brush their coat daily to avoid tangling and matting. They require frequent grooming and visits to professionals. You can bathe them 3-4 times a week. It requires maintaining good oral hygiene, and this makes brushing their teeth a must. Also, keep a check on their ears to prevent any infection or injury and don’t forget to clip their nails occasionally.

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Ideal Environment

The Shinese is an energetic breed which doesn’t require much exercise. You can take them for short walks daily in the park, and it will help them socialize better. You may also allow them to play in your yards, and this will make them feel contented and happy.

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