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Also known as a Shih-Pom, Shih A Pom or a Pom-Tzu.

The coat and color the Shiranian will vary depending on exactly which one of the parents the dog favors more. In most cases, the dog will have a tendency to favor one parent more than the other.

The Shiranian has a double coat that is long and flowing, much like the Shih-Tzu. This coat will grow quite long like both of its ancestors. For the most part, the coat of the dog will be straight, but in some cases the coat may also have a slight curl. The different color variations that may appear in this breed include solid as well as multi-colors, including red, black, chocolate, orange, gold, sable and brindle. There are also merle variations as well.

The Shiranian may be a first generation or a second generation dog. First generation refers to a dog that was bred from parents that were both purebred, in this case a purebred Pomeranian and a purebred Shih-Tzu. A second generation dog is one that is bred from parents that are both Shiranians.

The Shiranian is a hybrid or a crossbreed between a Shih-Tzu and a Pomeranian. This type of crossbred dog is often referred to as a designer breed dog and is one that has grown increasingly popular in the last few years. As a hybrid dog, the Shiranian is not one that can usually be registered with purebred organizations, although there are now many hybrid organizations that have opened to recognize such designer bred dogs. This breed is also sometimes referred to as a Shihpom.

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The Shiranian is known for being very intelligent and will catch on quickly to commands, especially when provided with training while it is still a puppy. This is also an affectionate and loving dog that is sociable and requires human companionship in order to be happy and well-adjusted. Shiranians are known for being outgoing and as a result they are often not considered to be a good watchdog due to the fact that they may not be wary around strangers. This dog is typically eager to learn and will handle training quite well. The Shiranian is also energetic and will need to be provided with ample opportunity to play and exercise. Although loving, it should be remembered that the Shiranian can sometimes have somewhat of a stubborn streak. The Shiranian tends to get along well with other animals, especially those that it has been raised with.

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7-12 inches

7-12 inches
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4-16 pounds

4-16 pounds
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General Health

For the most part, this is not a breed that has a lot of health problems, although like most dogs this breed may have a tendency to experience hip dysplasia. Prospective owners that are concerned about this problem should investigate the dog’s parentage to determine whether this may be a problem and how severe it may be. Smaller size Shiranians may not do well in families with small children who may play too roughly with them because their size can put them at a disadvantage.

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The Shiranian originated in the United States, where designer or hybrid breed dogs are becoming extremely popular. Like many hybrid dogs, the Shiranian was bred to produce the best features of both parent breeds, which in this case is the Shih-Tzu and the Pomeranian. This dog remains popular as a family and companion dog due to its loving and affectionate nature

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This is a dog that is considered to be somewhat high maintenance due to the fact that its coat will need to be brushed daily. When needed, the dog will need to be bathed to remove dirt from its coat. Depending on the owner’s personal wishes, grooming may need to be performed on a regular basis as well. If the owner intends to keep the dog with a long coat, this may not be required as often as when the owner intends to keep the dog groomed similar in a style to a Shih-Tzu.

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Ideal Environment

The best environment for a Shiranian will be one in which it can live indoors and play on occasion outdoors. This is not a dog that does well when left alone for long periods of time or when left outdoors, due to its silky coat. This is a dog that requires human companionship and will do best in a home where it can play and exercise on a daily basis. Exercise should be provided in the form of a short daily walk. Due to their small size, the Shiranian is typically not able to withstand long walks. Training should be provided at an early age to help this dog live up to its full potential. Training is usually quite easy with this dog, although owners should keep in mind that they will need to be persistent in order to see the best results from the Shiranian.

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I have a first generation Shiranian, Rosscoe, he is eight weeks old. We have fleas in the yard and he loves to play in the grass. What can I do about the fleas in the yard and on poor little Rosscoe? I comb he daily and bathe him once a week. I am scared to bathe more often. Please Help! He is starting to get sores from the fleas.

Try puttings some sort of flea treatment on the dog such as frontline or advantage. Within a day all of the fleas will have died and fallen off the dog. It's amazing!


Are these dogs easy to potty train?

In Pops case VERY EASY! they are so eager to please that praise is highly acceptable to them!! and treats they will do a mid air spin and dive off a board for you LOL! I also have 2 tzus and by far the shiranian is the easiest to train, they learn so QUICK I was amazed and I used to train sheepdogs! so yes the answer with them is YES BUT ROUTINE WORKS REALLY WELL!


I keep hearing that short walks are best for these little guys, but just what constitutes a short walk? Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes? I've looked high and low on the internet and can't find an answer.

I have a Shiranian called Belle, she is 10 months old. I walk her for about an hour each day where she loves to run at great speed chasing birds and at weekends runs with my son. I walk her through woodland and golf courses. She carries a pine cone in her mouth during the whole walk. I know she feels cheated if she is unable to have a long walk each day. She then has a sleep when she gets home for about an hour, then she is fully alert again wanting to play. Kind regards Pat


I want to get a shiranian puppy but need to know these things first. Do they shed? Do they bark a lot? Are they non allergenic? Can anyone answer these questions for me? thanks

I just received my puppy a few days ago for a present from my boyfriend. She's about 9weeks right now. Shedding doesn't seem to be a problem at all, I've worn black items the entire time I've had her and yet to have find even a single hair left behind though keep in mind all dogs are different. she's also hypoallergenic so allergies won't be a problem. Personally I have fairly bad allergies and so far everything has been good. She doesn't bark very much, I've maybe barked four or five times that I've heard, but mostly she just seems to whine when upset or left alone. Over all this breed seems to be a fairly manageable type.


Does a Shiranian dog shed?

they will most likely shed. One set of parents shed and the other doesnt so how much it will shed will depend on how much it takes from each parent. My shiranian has more of a pom coat and shitzu face ears so it sheds quite abit but is managable with brushing


is it normal for a sharanian puppy to be lazy at times and not much running with him? and also is it normal for it to fall asleep long periods of time?


Is it normal for a sharanian puppy to be lazy at times and not much running with him? Also is it normal for it to fall asleep long periods of time?

Oh yes. all the time. Just your average puppy. We know because we have one!


Can they be train to pee or poo? Thanks a lot!

yes i have 2. They follow commands and train well. It does take time, persistence and routine b/c they can be very stubborn. after the 1st year they behave very well to how they are trained. Also, take responsibility for your actions as an owner. If you take it out for bathroom time every 3-4 hrs they will wait for that time. If you forget and wait 6hrs then it's your fault, not theirs.


What should I feed my Shiranian?

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