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1 yr and 9 month old boxer keeps destroying my plants. I walk him 3 times a week and take him to the dogpark on weekends. he is well trainedand well behaved other than that. what can I do or why is he doing that?

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The first thing I would say is that he is bored..walking him three times a week!! did you mean three times a day? They have lots of energy. Take him on longer walks and wear him out, take a ball or a stick and allow him to excercise so that he is too tired when you get home. My dog will sleep for hours if I allowed him too but all my dogs get taken out 5 times a day, every day( whether they like it or not ) in all kinds of weather. Give this little tip a try and if it doesnt work get a spray bottle, the small plastic bottle you usually spray water onto plants or reptiles and spray him before he reaches the plant not while hes doing the damage.

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