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After researching a lot of breeds, I really want a Boxer. We currently have a 7 year old non-dominant female Golden Retriever. Does anyone have an opinion on whether bringing a young Boxer in would work or not? I was told by a rescue group that they would not allow adoption of a female Boxer into a home with another female dog because of fighting issues.

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I had a female boxer then was given a chocolate lab a year later even though there was 1 year age difference this was a very bad situation. They started fighting a couple times and just about killed each other. I had to give the lab away. The boxer would start it but the lab would usually get the best of her. I do no recommend two females together.

we have a 17 year old golden and adopted an 8 month old female boxer she seemed to take at least 10 years off of the old man's life since golden's are so laid back it should work well

Find another rescue center...any good rescue center would only be too happy to have one of their dogs rehoused and to say that two females would end up fighting is rubbish, of course it could happen in any situation but doesnt have too, depends on how good the dogs are socialised. I've owned two female dogs for the past ten years and the only thing you should be aware of is dominance from one of the females.

I have had 2 boxers(at different times) and my sister has labs. We live near each other. They have all loved each other immensely - They were introduced at different ages to each other - Both my boxers have loved these labs more than any other dogs they've played with...her labs have been females and my boxers have been males. I feel that the retriever would be similar. (size and temperment is similar..)

That is ridiculous! It depends solely on the individual dog. That is why agencies test dogs with other dogs, cats, kids, etc. Many dogs are adopted into homes with other dogs and do just fine. I question an organization that would make such a blanket statement and deprive a dog of a loving home. Do a little reading on how to introduce a new dog into your household - there are ways to do it that make it positive for both dogs.

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