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Has anyone ever heard of a black boxer? I honestly do not believe in black boxers(with or w/o white markings), but someone told me that they do exist and that they are really rare to come by. Any ideas?

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A pure bread boxer does not carry the gene required to produce a pure black coat.

There certainly are what apprears to be "black" Boxers around although they are not truly black in the sense of the word, on closer inspection they are a mixer of dark browns from the brindle variety. Although I'm sure there are plenty of sites for you to check out I obtained my boxer Hooch from this organisation almost two years ago and never looked back, check out a German organisation which re-houses Boxers, on their homepage you can see what appears to be black boxers.

There are no black boxers but a reverse brindle like my 14 week old male can appear black. The reverse brindle is where they are dark brown with fawn stripes instead of the usual fawn color with dark brown stripes.

I have one they are called reverse brindles

They exist and are not uncommon at all. Check breeder websites for pictures.

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