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Hi! My name is Nikki and i have had my Doberman since he was 5 months old. Bruno is now a year old and i desperatly need some help with some problems i am having! Bruno thinks he is the Alpha and we have tried many different suggestions from tv to the vet to help us get control, but nothing works. He is a sweet boy but he has a serious mouthing problem and at times will not listen. I am hoping that someone with Dobie experiance can help me with some suggestions that will work. My husband is getting fed up and i do not want to have to get rid of him because i love him and i know we can train him with the right information. The main problem is when we bought him from his origional owner, all they did was keep him in a crate because he was a gift for the daughter and didnt take care of him, so they got rid of him! He has come a long way since then except for the Alpha and mouthing problem. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Nikki

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Hi my name is Vicky. I have 2 dobs. A boy and a girl. They are excellent dogs but as you have said, it means alot to give them attention and let them know they are loved and wanted. Well every one has there own way of training, but I have found this training collar called PETSAFE at Pet Smart. It is very safe and helpful when they get the "selective hearing problem". It has a button to beep them when you are wanted them to stop and listen and then a button for a little vibration if they don't respond to you or the beep. It will NOT hurt them. We travel around the world and our dogs are with us. It helps train them quickly and it keeps them from getting to far out of control. I hope this helps. We dont even have to use the device now but it was a great investment. Our vet even advised us of using this product. GOOD LUCK!!

You can try squeezing a slice of lemon in his mouth when he 'mouths' you. Do not tollerate any mouthing. Dogs are pack animals and it sounds like he is looking for his pack leader. You have to be that leader and show him what you expect. Make sure you praise him when he does well. Try to give him 10 - 20 minute training sessions a day. Keep your own disposition calm, don't get overly excited. Try to use a deeper voice. Make concise comands like sit, come, stay, no. Check out a TV show, The Dog Whisper, with Ceasar Millan. He has a great way with animals (and people). Keep in mind, it is usually not the dog's fault. It is the people around him/her. Don't give up and good luck!

I adopted a 9 mnth old dobie from someone who only left her in a crate with little attention. Her energy level was out of the world. I devoted time to her every day for at least a walk if not more serious training. Now at 5 she is an angel and truley a source of great pride for me. None of this would have been possible if i had not been willing to asume the dominate roll and demand nothing but her total obediance to me. Take charge! your dog will love you more for it i promise!

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