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Hi there. I’m looking at different breeds at the moment for safety. Background of current situation: Most of the time I’m alone at home, my hubby works away for two months at a time and then he’s back for one month. I have one young female Pitt cross Ridge Back and then my mom’s female Pitt – Blue nose x Red nose, my mom’s one only comes to stay with me when hubby is gone. Both females are fixed, the thorough bread is 3years old and the mix is 1year 8 months. Due to our climate in South Africa it doesn’t get that cold outside. I live close to the ocean, climate not that bad. But due to the one female having a knee problem, I can’t leave her outside during winter. The mix (Roxy) is a skittish dog, she gets scared very easily, and she’s got all bark but no bite. Lilly the older one is perfect for guarding, but with the leg problem she struggles to keep up some days. I would like to get a male pup so that the females can get use to it. I’ve found that both females submit to any dog breed when it’s a male. They are suckers for male attention. There has been countless break ins in our area, security alarms are useless in our area due to signal problems and honestly I don’t trust it. I want to go old school and get myself a companion, friend but also a protector. What I need: A male dog that can protect me at all costs. I need a male dog that will be sociable with the two females, not rip them to pieces and won’t try to eat hubby. Will the Doberman breed work in this environment? My work ours differentiate between 3 hours a day and 8 hours a day, will I be able to leave the dog alone together without the ripping each other up? Also, I’ve hear that some Dobermans are known to jump the fence and follow their owners to work. Is this true and if so, how can one prevent it from happening. Looking forward to your help. Kind regards Lizelle - South Africa - Mossel Bay

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First thing, Dobermans are inside dogs, they cant be left outside especially if it gets cold. As far as being with other dogs they do fine, as long as you raise them with the other dogs. They are great guard dogs and always alert. My dobe always made my wife feel safe when I worked nights. Any dog can be skittish, and this is mostly due to being hit. Dobermans are not for everyone, They can be very stubborn and you have to have patience with them. But they are VERY loyal dogs, and I raised mine with a newborn baby, and he wouldnt let anything happen to my child, I think he was more protective over my daughter than he was me. They are a great breed if you train them right. But my advice is if you are going to be leaving them outside for long periods at a time to look for another breed, as the 2 I have owned didnt like being outside for more than a few minutes unless I was with them. As far as jumping the fence neither of mine ever did, and the fence being 4ft I am sure they could have if they wanted to. My dogs did nibble at my feet when I left for the first year though, just showing me they didnt want me to leave, but that finally stopped after a year.

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