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I'm interested in adopting an 8 month old Boerboel. I live in the bottom floor of a house that was changed to a duplex. The back yead has ample space for him to be let out and do his busniess but I would start running with him as well for exercise. My question is that if I start running with him would he try to attack any stranger in our way. Also if I were to take him to a park and run would he do the same thing? My landlord lives upstairs and has 2 older dogs that I never see just hear every so often. My other concern is about him barking when I am at work and not home. Does anybody know about their barking habits?

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Every boerboel is his own but they should not leap at strangers passing by if he does he needs TRAINING that is not exceptible make sure you know the pup how did he react to you meeting the first time? Scince you dont get to meet the parents ask them to let you walk him and see how he reacts.Ask the rescue this question also because you do not want an out of control boerboel with aggression issues especially if you are a 1st time boerboel owner. Normally boerboels only bark when they feel like their home is being threatened there not barky dogs but I cant speak for every boerboel because just like every person is differnet so are boerboels.

My experience is that boerboels are unusually quiet unti they need to be loud. They will only bark (or bale) at what they feel is a potential threat or trying to come in when they're not welcome. Socialize the dog heavily. Take it to Pet Smart or wherever else you can take them so they get used to people and animals and don't feel threatened. Unless the dog has been improperly raised it should be fine.

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