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I am considering getting a Boxer pup. I live on a lake in central New York and definately want a dog that enjoys the water. I was told that the Boxer really doesn't like the water. Is that true?

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My boxer absolutely hates any kind of water unless he's licking it out of a bowl. He hates the bathtub or petwash. When getting him anywhere near the lake he will put on the breaks and it's sheer torture and anxiety to him even to coax him to the water. Even with the aid of some very friendly labs and other "waterdogs" playing frisbee and ball would not get him into the water. He even hates going over bridges where he's not in the water, but over the water where he can see the water below. I think it's just him as I have seen other boxers do fine in pools but haven't seen boxers in lakes much. My boxer is 3 1/2 now, but I have tried since he was a pup to get him over his anxiety of water. Good luck

Our boxer loves to WADE in the shoreline water, but will not swim. But then, he's solid muscle, so we figure he doesn't necessarily float so well. Like a rock. But still, he's super-playful on the shore, if that helps.

I have 2 boxers and they do love to play around in the water, they only go in up to their chests. I would not recomend swimming unless closely supervised. They are not good swimmers, actually mine both sink while splashing frantically.

No it's not true, Boxers simply love the water, I should know. I took my dog to the coast and let him fre from the leash, he ran into the sea and I thought that I had lost him, he swam so far out, he really enjoyed himself. Of course the salty sea water didnt do his stomach any good but once he threw up and he got it out of his system he was fine so go ahead and get your Boxer and have fun with him, best of luck.

My 6 year old boxer loves the water. She can actually swallow a sprinkler head and drink the water. She will jump at the garden hose and jumps in the tub for her bath.

Not true at all- you just have to introduce it to them! My son took ours in the pool when a pup and he was not thrilled at first. It didn't take long for him to love it so much we can't keep him out! He dives off the side to retrieve. We can't keep him out of the small pond that fills with rain, either. I know other boxers also that love the water. They want to be with you and will adapt to your lifestyle. If you love it, your boxer will, too!

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