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I am going crazy. My husband brought home an 8 month old Male doberman, and since he's in the military my husband's gone through the work week and I'm left to take care of him. We live in an apartment, and he barks and growls at EVERY tiny noise out there. Then at night when we put him in his crate he whines for about a half an hour before he wears himself out. I've tried everythin to get him to stop, especially the Caeser Milan method, and nothing seems to stick with him! He seems to be very definant towards us at time and then very submissive at others. Also, every bit of excitment make him pee, will this stop with time or is there something I can do?

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As a Dobermann Pinscher owner for many years I advise you to find this young and energetic canine a new, proper home if you are not able to exercise him more. This breed is not for everyone, especially those who do not live physically active lives {jogging, brisk-paced walking, hiking, etc...}. He whines in his crate because he is bored and has too much energy, and/or needs to be near or with you. Unless you plan to work with and interact with him a lot more, you can forget about things getting any better.

Hi, as for peeing when he is excited you need to have him looked at by a vet. Dobermans are prone to have bladder problems such as incontenance issues and infections. Some even need a medication for incontenance.

dobermans do not do well in crates, they desire to be with their humans. as for the barking and growling at noise, thats just dobermans they are natural gaurd dogs. why do you crate your dog at night? is he not house broke yet? had my doberman house broke at like 4months old.

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