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I am thinking about getting an 11 year old lhasa apso that has been abandoned. I have 4 cats rangeing in age from 5 to 20. Does this breed have a tendancy to be aggressive towards cats?

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I have a lhasa apso who is quite playful with my 2 cats at home. But he gets jumpy at times and shows a little aggression if he gets irritated with them. You can read more at 1800PetMeds Blog

Lhasa's can be a bit anoyed somtimes, but my dog he is very playful and loooooooooooves cats, he sees one and goes crazy, it like omg! But since your Lhasa is about 11 I think it will do great with those cats :)

yes they do.i also have a male apso and he gets very hyper when he sees cats and starts chasing them.and if he caught one of them my apso will really injure them.but yours is 11yrs old,i think its to old for chasing and being aggressive.

i had 2 lhasa apsos and a cat, they stayed out of the cats way, seems they knew the damage a cat could do, i was more worried about the cat going after them than them hurting the cat, my one lhasa is 12 the other one was 14, get the dog! it deserves a good life!!!!!

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