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I am torn between getting a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire, can anyone tell me the pros and cons so I can hopefully make a decision? I know about the dogs but I would like to hear the difference as far as challenges someone may have more with one breed than the other---like potty training?

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Pros on yorkies: super loving, smart, high energy. Cons: coat requires daily brushing, hard to house train.

I know for a fact that once house trained they rarely let accidents happen, they keep the discipline.

For my yorkie, potty training was a major issue. He is 11 months and still has an occasional accident in the house. But we used puppy pee pads since the beginning and he would always go on them. Now he's learned to come get us if he needs to go potty. We take him out, does his business, then runs right back into the house. Very smart dogs! He has a long coat and I brush it every other day. He hated it at first and would try to slither out of my hands, but now he doesn't mind it. I give him a treat after every brushing, so now he really doesn't mind it. Just like with anything else in life, if you put time into it then you can reap the rewards. So just be patient with your new addition and I'm sure it will work out.

Yorkies can be somewhat difficult to house-train, but chihuahuas are easier to house train. Yorkies Pros: They are intelligent, low-shedders, good for allergies, easy to train, loyal, brave, and ready to join you on any adventures. Cons: Difficult to housebreak, can be pushy, oblivious of their small size and can get into fights with other dogs, tend to chase small animals, bark quite a bit, dig, need grooming. Chihuahuas: Are courageous, proud, agile, and intelligent. They learn quickly and don't need a lot of exercise, Grooming is a cinch. Good for apartments. Good with gentle kids. Cons: May be bossy, prone to many health problems, shed, yappy, overprotective, untrustworthy with people they don't know.

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