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I have a 1 1/2 year old boxer who has a problem with scratching....he seems to be itchy all the time and has scratched the hair off of his ears and now starting on his face....He has been treated for a couple of things and I've tried switching foods...I'm trying him on salmon oil as i read its good for there skin anyone have any other idea's or experienced something like this??

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I Have a White Female Boxer who is almost 5 yrs.old.She has always had severe itching until she bleeds. I tried every food & shampoo for her skin allergy. Until one day I tried this food called........Nutro Natural Food.. Venison & Rice Formula. Get the one for Sensitive Skin & Stomach. I swear by this product!!!!! Her coat is now soft & shinny. No more itching & scratching. It is on the expensive side but she is well worth the money!!!!!!

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