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I have a 1 1/2 year old boxer who has always had loose stool and bad gas. I have tried several foods and cannot find anything that helps. I want to feed her the best food possible. Can you suggest a food for her?

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My Chops was the same & i put him on Royal Canin that i got from my vet. Its pricey but i noticed a difference within days! Tell the vet your dogs sex & age because it comes in different diets. Good luck!

My boxer does the best on Blue Buffalo or Wellness... human grade chicken, vegetables and tons of vitamins and minerals. Too many foods out there have meat by-products and corn as the first ingredient. I completely avoid both.

Our boxer had similar issues until we switched to the Royal Canin for Boxers and we never give him table scraps (I really hate this rule). It is expensive stuff, but worth a try.

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