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I have a 10wk old female boxer. When I first got her a 6wks old she was under weight, wormy, and full of fleas. She was a "rescue" puppy. So I didn't worry about potty training untill I got her healthy. She is now worm and flea free and at a healthy weight. But now we are working on potty training. She was doing really well untill it sonwed last week. She wont go in the snow. If it is somewhat warm outside she will go next to the house on a grassy spot. But when it is cold she refuses to pee or poop outside. I can't say I blame her I wouldn't want to pee in 2 degree weather either, but at the same time I don't want her to think she can potty in the house. What can I do to help her pee in the cold.

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You need to go to puppy school. You take her out on a leash and to one area, she will need to go first thing, after eating and or playing. When you see her start to pee you say her name and GO PEE and give her a treat and a big YES and the same for a poop. In no time you can take her to her spot in the yard and just say to her GO PEE and she will think pee treat and then you can cut the treats back and just give the big yes and you are well on your way. But for sure ask your vet to recomend a puppy school your dog will love going and working with you

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