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I have a 11yr old Miniature Dachshund and lately he's been having very bad breathing problems. Its almost like a snorting and hard time breathing sound but the thing is its mainly when hes laying down. Do you know why this is happening to him?? Is it a deadly thing? Thank you for your help.

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We have a 4yr old Miniature Dachshund that we just recently rescued. When she came to us she couldn't breath through her nose most of the time and it was especially bad at night. This would cause her to hold her breath while she was laying down and wake up gasping for air which would make her cough and reverse sneeze ( which is like a snorting when they try to in-hail). We took her to a holistic vet and the Doctor gave her 2 different Chinese medicines: San Rent Tang Liquid and Lachesis Mutus. The first day after taking the medicine she was sneezing out massive amounts of mucus and 4-5days later she was sleeping through the night breathing through her nose with out caughing or snorting. If this sounds like the same thing your dachshund is going through I hope this info can help both of you and I wish you all the best!

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