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I have a 2 year old boxer. His name is quite fitting. I just have a few problems with him. He wont stop jumping on every one all the time. i have tried turning my back on him and telling him down and walking away but he will lunge on you. I dont know how to stop his behavior. He doesnt know any commands yet and Im afraid he is to old to train. He is very sweet but very stubborn and I am ready to call it quits with him. My grandkids are deathly afraid of him because he always knocks them down or scrathes them while trying to box. I need help

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I have a boxer as well and they are never to old to train. I wouldn't suggest kneeing a dog in the chest ever. when he jumps turn your body directly away from him with no eye contact. If verbal contact is made use a one word command like OFF. try to avoid using down as that is usually the command for the lye down position. When he stops, reward him with a treat or a Good boy. This will take a while but it is a lot less evasive. Boxers are very hyper active and require you to BE consistant, and don't give up to fast. Enroll in training classes, you will be surpised at how well your boxer will do, while getting him out with other dogs.

I had a similiar problem with my German Shepherd. When the dog comes up to jump on you GENTLY knee him in the chest then call him again and again eventually he will stop jumping. It really does work and it does not hurt him. after a few tries myGSD stopped. I also trained her to run up to me and sit and ONLY then did I pet her. Hope this helps.

A good trainer would to the trick and you can start by asking your vet or a breeder in your area. Boxers a very smart and pick up things very fast with the right training, I know I have two of them, one is 7 and I lost my other guy last Feb to cancer and just got another Boxer pup before Xmas. Boxers love kids and are protective of them, you could not ask for a better dog to play with your grandkids, if your grandkids are very small could get knocked over just by the size and strength of the Boxer, but a good treaner will pay big time for you and you will say WOW what a great dog, you just need treaning for the poor guy. I have my little guy in puppy school now, but it is never too late. Good luck with him, I do hope it works out for you, my might just end up with a second one the same as I did.

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