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I have a 3 year yorkie and he get really out of control when my grand baby comes over, can you tell me why

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A dog that gets hyper when around kids could mean a few things. If you are talking excited /happy thats normal. If you are talking upset when someone comes into your house like a child, If the dog does not see a child but every so often then the dog is not use to seeing children (small people) it gets excited and can jump or bite the children.It is best to get them use to all kinds of people big and small. And most importantly DO NOT ALLOW SMALL CHILDREN TO CARRY THEM AROUND.Children and yorkies are not good unless the children are at least 12 yr. old

i have a yorkie and a five year old, i have no problems between the two of them--they love each other, it just depends on how the child treats the dog.....

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