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I have a 3 yr old female we rescued. What a great dog! This breed is awesome. 2 days ago she started carrying around a stuffed toy, licking it laying with it, licking it & whimpering. Is she coming into heat? She's not eating and is not herself. The day it started she did go to the vet for a shot and heart worm blood draw which was negative.... But what is all the motherly type of behavior?

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You really should decide as to whether to get her castrated or not, if you do not and just leave her as she is then you could get this behaivour occur each time she's about to come into season. She is the one that is suffering and thinks she is pregnant ( false pregnancy ) please seriously consider to get her castrated if you don't want to breed from her or you could end up facing expensive vetenary bills for womb/stomach problems later in life.

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