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I have a 4 month old female dobe.. my mother brought her home when she was 45 days old.. Right from day one she has been hyper active.. She used to play bite a lot but then she had little teeth and it never hurt.. She stopped biting for a week or so when her milk teeth stopped growing.. but its becoming hell now.. Am quite a huge guy at 6 foot 5 but that just doesnt seem to deter her.. I have healed/semi-healed/fresh wounds all over my hands.. It sounds silly getting bitten by a little puppy but her teeth are razor sharp and she's quick as lightning.. She sinks her teeth, withdraws and scurries away.. I have tried every goddamned thing to stop her biting. One dobe owner told me, i should lift her up by the scruff and bite her ear lightly, which is what the mother does. i did that and she was okay for a couple of a day but that was it.. Now nothing deters are. yelling, hitting her with slippers, biting her ears, picking her up by the scruff NOTHING. I excercise her a lot.. walks 3 times a day and i run full speed with her.. I just dunno why she cant stop biting.. I have had a dalmatian and a lab before and i ve never seen something like this.. I have cared so much for her, spent so much time trying to correct this behaviour, but with no results.. am really starting to lose faith in dogs, its a big thing cause i literally grew up with them but this one puppy is giving me hell..

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One of the worst things you can do with a doberman is to hit them. Dobermans are one breed that never forgets whether it be good or bad. I use the tapping on the nose to correct my dobermans. I have only had one that did the play bite and it was never real serious.But it hurt none the less and if let go I am sure it could have been serious. But each time he made the move to nip at my fingers I would tap on the nose and tell him no at the same time in a very stern voice. You have to use a different tone of voice in correcting your dog than you would normally do just talking to them. My dogs know when I use a certain tone that I mean business. It could also be something in the ancestory of the dog. Look at the background dogs and see if they had biters. That could be a genetic fault and you may not be able to correct it. But at 4 months old you should be able to straighten her out. Yelling will do no good. She will know your mad but really not know why.

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