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I have a female Brindle boxer. She is really thin,and she eats a lot of grass. is this normal?

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I would have a fecal check done at the vet's. Rounds, Whips, and some other intestional parasites' eggs will show up on a fecal float. Tapeworms, however, will not and do compete with a dog for nutrition. If the float doesn't show anythingl, I'd treat for tapes and for fleas (that's where dogs get them from) to break the cycle of reinfection. Advantix or Frontline are fine. You must treat all the animals in the house and yard, cats included.

your boxer might not be getting all the nutrition it needs, so she will start eating grass to make up for the lack of nutrients

my female does the sme thing she is nearly 2 aand goes through stages of been thin and ribby to filing out. so i gve her some canned food she likes and over 3 months added mix but i had to try a few dry foods wit her. dog eat grass as naturl medicne

I agree with the second answer. I check with our vet on the same issue for our vet and he told us to start checking the first 4 ingredients in our dog food to make sure it was any by-product meal or alot of grains.

It is normal, my two guys love the grass, the dogs get the moisture from the grass and it will not harm them. Check with your vet and or your breeder, my guys have been eating grass or snow for the past 7 years with no problems

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