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I have a female dobbie who is 9 months old now. She is a great dog but a little stubborn at times. I am concerned because she is not showing territorial or protective behavior yet. When we walk her and other dogs bark she seems a little frightened by them ( btw she already weighs 100lbs) she does not bark when a stranger comes to the door. She has even greated strangers into her backyard with tail wags and licks. Did we do something wrong with her? Please help. I have also asked the breeder but Im still waiting for a reply.

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You shouldn't be worried. It will all come in time and some dobes are just friendly... Trust me you didnt do anything wrong. Just give her more time, as she gets older she will be more protective.

We have a female dobie, smaller then yours, she is very friendly with everyone UNLESS SHE THINKS YOU ARE HURTING ONE OF US!!!! She was raised with 3 children a cat and an old dog loves to play, walk, lay around. i wanted her to protect my children when they would be outside, when she is out with the kids 1st of all the mere sight of her detours people, yes for the most part she will lick and kiss you BUT JUST TRY SOMETHING TO ANYONE OF OUR KIDS and she will do at nothings ends to get to them! she has almost gone threw a window to GET some of our daughters friends who decided to play fight in our front yard, out came those teeth and her bark. i wouldnt worry about your dog be glad she makes friends but be sure that she would defend you ohh so quickly if needed!

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