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I have a male boxer, one years old, and would like to get him a companion. What would be a good breed other than another boxer that he would be able to get along with well? Worried two boxers might be too much energy in the house.

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We have a french bulldog that does very well with an older boxer (they are one year apart). They play when needed but when they get tired, they actually take their breaks. I think the boxer would get along with almost any dog, take him to a dog park and see how he gets along with others.

I have a four year old female and an American Bulldog. They get along great, but I think a boxer will do well with any dog that can match it's energy level. You don't wanna get a couch potato dog and have a boxer. The boxer will just annoy the other dog. lol

I have owned dogs all my life.. every breed.. big dog lover.. but Boxers are #1.. smart with wonderful dispositions.. its all up to the owners.. they need love and attention..

We have a boston terrier who is 11 years old and a one year old boxer. both females! They absolutely love each other. Its funny cause my BT will come and take toys from my boxer and try and eat her food. It is really the cutest thing. I like to think of bostons as the mini boxer.

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