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I have a male doberman 5 months of age. I am taping his cropped ears for 3-4 days at a time and then take them out for a couple days. His ears do not stand straight for more than one day. I am wondering h ow long it usually takes to get them to stand erect for good. Also, I am wondering what most people use to tape their ears to. I am using rolled paper napkins with paper tape to wrap them. If anybody has any good info on what they are using I would appreciate it.

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The research I found for cropped ears is a 6-7 month healing time. Also the most common response I got for what to use for taping was to use tampons. They are stiff yet soft.

Hi--we have a 5 month old doberman and have been taping his ears for the last two months. His ears are almost completey erect. We tape the ears for 7 days at a time and then retape them. They do not stay untaped for more than the time it takes to clean the ears and give him a bath. We were told by the breeder that the ears should never be untaped for more than 20minutes at a time. Dependingon the cut it usually takes from 4-6 months for the ears to stand erect.

they will get better i have one and my little sister always plays with them and now he is 2 years old and no matter what they will normally stand up

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