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I have a two year old boxer she is deaf, and doesn't like to play much.. We have her on Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice Adult Dog Food, she is extremely gassy, I can't figure out why. I have only had her for a little under a week now and she was on Pedigree before, although, the place we rescued her from didn't give us much information. They were going to kill her because she was white, she is purebred, eats fine, twice a day and drinks lots of water. Her stools also seem to be fairly normal, sometimes a little on the runny side but not very runny. She also seems to be underweight.. She weighs 41lbs and is about 18 inches tall. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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Boxers are notoriously gassy! Mine is in perfect health and can stink out a room of people. I wouldn't worry about the gas if that is all that seems to be wrong.

switch her to a grain free kibble. It's the grains that make them more gassy. A couple of good grain free brands are Taste of the Wild and Wellness Core.

Female Boxers do weigh less and are not as tall as the males. She might just be fine at 40lbs, but for sure you should have had her to a vets for a first check up. Most Boxer breeders would also be more than happy to give you support, do a search and send an email to one or more of them. I know my Boxer breeder is more than happy to help anybody with a dog not just the ones she breeds. Ask someone you know that has a dog to recomend a vet. Best of luck with her

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