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I have a two year old male doberman that sheds constantly. I brush him every two days with a regular soft brush and I use a deshedding tool from my vet once a week. We have him on Flaxseed pills (vet recomended). The other thing we struggle with is keeping weight on him (he is not wormy) We feed him an all natural food about 4.5 cups daily and he has plenty of water

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Did you ever have him tested for thyroid problems this can cause all kinds of problems such as hair loss eye matter problems, weight loss check it out.

Try adding plain greek style yogurt to his food. It is high in protein and has lots of good stuff in it!! and its sure to make your dob put on weight lol haha!! We have our male on about 1 1/2 cups a day (mixed in with purina dog chow) and everyone who sees him has to mention how beautiful and shinny his coat is, and we don't have an issue with shedding. Just go to your local market and read the back of the container!!

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