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I have a white male boxer he is about 3. I rescude him from the pound. I have had him 2 years now. He is the best dog I have ever had. He has a problem with his ears. I got some medicine from the vet for his ears it is Gentizol. It works very well for him but my other dog got ahold of the bottle bit it and now we don't have any left. I would like to take him back to the vet but money is a little tight. I wondered if there is any home remides I could do to help him instead of the vet. Please help us. My poor Rocky can't hardly get any sleep he is forever shaking his head. He loves it when I rub his ears. His eyes roll around in his head. It is funny. Please help us.

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buy a dog ear cleaning solution and follow the directions...if it doesn,t help ...your dog might have a bacterial or fungal can try finding meds over the internet...good is to go to the vet and work a payment plan...

My 9 month old boxer has red, irritated ears and a friend said her boxer (a brother to mine) had the same problem. She read that corn oil is good and used it herself. I haven't been able to get my hands on any yet but have used olive oil. Hasn't cured the problem but has helped quite a bit. Am still persisting with it until I get the corn oil. Don't let the problem get too bad before going back to the vet though or it could end up costing a lot more...

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