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I have an 11 month old male boxer and he keeps chewing on his bottom. I have tried Lanacaid cream, sprays and 'head and shoulders.' Any suggestions?

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If he's chewing on his bottom he might need to have his anal glands squeezed. You should talk to your vet.

Your dog could be suffering from food allergies. I also had this issue with one of my dogs. Best remedy was to go to a raw diet. No bum licking and a whole host of other benefits, i.e. better breath, better teeth, less shedding, flea resistent (after 6 months on the diet). Look into it. One of the best suggestions I ever had and I will never go back to commercial dog food again.

Best remedy "raw diet". What exactly do you mean? I feed my boxer Purina Lamb & Rice. She likes it. I just wonder if that may be causing her to itch constantly.

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