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I have an 8 year old male dob who lives in the city. He has never been socialized with children and now seems to be afraid of them. He barks and seems very anxious around them when they are in the same space. I have never allowed him to be free with children simply because I am unsure as to what he will do. Any ideas for this breed?

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yes I think the dog whisperer is ok but you are dealing with peoples children and a big dog so just for your safety theirs and your dog I would attach a shock collar to be sure you can call him off should anything go wrong until he adjusts to the children. I have used a collar that has a remote with a high pitched ring and an optional shocker if necessary. My female dobie was not socialized around children and thought they were a threat and was trying to be protective. I had to use this method which proved very successful a few times and since she has adjusted to the kids and has now diverted her attention to real threats and the good thing is I don't have to use the collar anymore. Just another "happy" thought.

Yes DONT BE AFRAID!!!!! It is the same with all breeds. I have a chihuahua and doberman. My chihuahua used to have huge issues with children. Even nipped at a few and I was terrified to let him around kids!! I watched the dog whisperer and it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was me that was becoming anxious around children and the more unsure I was the worse the chihuahua reacted. Its hard (especially with a full grown doberman) but you just have to relax!! Think happy thoughts. Start off with children you know and tell them "dont look, touch, or talk to the dog please" let them walk around normally and he will be sure to calm down!! Eventually he will approach them, trust me. but it takes time. Its worth it though!! Im pleased to say just last week I was at a kids birthday party and Rex the chihuahua was the happiest Ive ever seen him. He was running around with the kids and just about every kid held him (he didn't even want to be put down) It almost made me cry when I realized he was in the castle with the children by his own choice. Trust me CALM DOWN, think happy thoughts and he wont have any issues with kids!! WATCH DOG WHISPERER on National Geographic!!! he really does understand dog psychology

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