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I have found a boerboel that I would love to adopt but I have some concerns I would like to address. He is estimated to be around 3yrs old, so I am wondering how to properly introduce him to my current dog. I have a 3yr old Anatolian Shepherd female. I have heard that they need to be introduced at a young age in order to bond with their "pack". Are the two dogs too close in age for this to happen?

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sir/madam if your current dog is not aggressive then it would great to introduce your new dog to her. otherwise you Will have to be very careful when you try to bring them together

sure you can introduce them, but there are some things you need to be sure of first. is your dog good with other dogs, same with the boerboel. also, if they are pretty good with other dogs, the initial meeting should be away from your house. the first time they meet should be at a "neutral" site to avoid any issues. try to make it as enjoyable as possible and take your time. a good intro will be great but a rushed intro with two large dogs could be disastrous.

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