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I have recently gotten a black and white boxer. His name is Zeuss and I have been doing research and can't find much information on a black boxer. Does anyone have any comments on this. I was told by the breeder that they aren't very common. I saw the parents, the Dad is black and white like Zeuss and the Mother is a Sable color. Let me know, I would love to see your comments.

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No such thing as a black Boxer, the colors are Fawn, Brindle and you can get reverse Brindle that might look like it is black, your Breeder should have give you this information. Boxers that are more than 1/3rd white in color can't be used as a show dog and a beeder will not breed a white dog. White Boxers do make great pets as any other Boxer would.

i have a white boxer and she is the best boxer

I have an all black boxer also, and they are rare. It shows on the AKC papers that this is a brindle. They are very rare that they come out completely black. But Also you can sell them for nearly double what you would buy a regular boxer for!

That boxer is not a pure breed if it is black. no such thing as a black boxer only fawn brindle and white which are known as to be brindle just lacking the dna to change its hair to that color. the usually end up with black spots all over the body on the skin unde the hair.

Anyone saying there is no such thing as a BLACK boxer doesn't know much about color variations or about the breed. Do the research! The black comes from breeding reverse brindles. The darkest to the darkest till the stripes are bred out. IT IS STILL A is in the breeding just like dogs that are bred to get the same markings...

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