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I own a 4 month old boxer named Harley she is awsome. Im worried about the feeding much and how often?? And at what times are best to prevent accidents.The breeder was feeding purina, so I kept it the same, but would love to go to a better food for her...any suggestions? Should I introduce the new food gradually?

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I have a 12 month old female boxer named Bailey. She is full of energy and loves to eat. We took her to obedience class and we were given a website to look at regarding her food. It is called '' You can look up all of the different foods that are available and they rate them. I found that Purina is one of the worst foods that you can give you dog. I highly recommend you checking it out. I does cost more for healthier food but you feed you dog so much less that it ends up being the same in the end. Hope this helps.

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