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I thought my doberman had an eye infection (lots of green/yellow matter in one eye. Vet gave him antibiotic cream for eye. Now matter is in both eyes and it is just grayish in color, but more than I have ever seen in my other dogs. Is this a doberman problem or should I delve deeper?

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I have an 8 month old dobie and had the same problem - we gave her benedryl 25mg/one pill 3 times a week and it cleared it up, the vet said it was allergies. I hope this works for you

My doberman puppy had the same problem. It was fixed by deworming her believe it or not. I had heard that eye matter was a sign of worms before, so I was deligent about having her wormed. it took a long time to get rid of it, as I had to go through all the different types of worming medications.It cleared up the best with Panacur. It's a little expensive, but try it. You'll notice a difference right away. Make sure do to the proper abount for your dogs weight and for the full 5 days or whatever it says.

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