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I want to go for a mature boxer dog. for the purpose i have seen a 10 month old boxer. i want to know if it is wise to go for this mature a dog? will he be able to adjust with my family? or will he try running out to get to his old owner? also could he be aggressive towards my family or my labrador puppy(3months) at this age(i.e. 10 months)? i love boxer dogs and wish to understand every pros and cons of going for a 10 month boxer. kindly help. RISHI

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10 mo is still a good age. I would suggest that you bring your puppy with you to check him out and see how he responds. Other than that..the running to look for the old owner shouldn't be a problem. At that age they are still very much puppy and usually focus on what is going on at the time and not the who and what of yesterday. If he passes the puppy test and gets along well...and doesn't show any aggression at meeting with you and or family...welcome him with open arms!!

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