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I was wondering if my puppy coat will change colour as her current coat is black/tan?

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all yorkies are born black and tan, the color will change. to keep a nice coat with good color, use a good diet. i use royal canin breed specific or in door toy diets. dont bathe yorkies to much but a warm water butt bath daily may be nessesary, i use a drop of watered down puppy shampoo, with alittle bit of all natural puppy conditoner just around their butts and hind legs. also i use all natual spray leave in conditioner about once a week. combing a yorkie is important to. also a couple of days before a show i gentle massage my yorkies with a little bit of olive oil at the skin not on the coat, and comb them, then i give them a warm towel rubdown bath the day of. dont use to much you wil make them oily. but the coat will change,any were between golden to blonde and silver to gray are acceptable colors for show quality yorkies.

well, I have a different answer..As my friend has a male Yorkie which has stayed black and tan. But mine just 7 months old has been changing colors very quickly. I read in a book that they can take up to 3 yrs before they stop changing.

Your dog will gradually lighten throughout the years.

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