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If I have two cats, one 5 pound dog with this breed get along with the household pets if I get it as a puppy?

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Our first Doberman (Dacquari, she's 6 yrs old now) was raised with a Miniature Pinscher and a 4 lb Yorkshire Terrier. We've actually found that Dac. would play tug-o-war rough with us and when one of our little pups picked up the end of the rope (we used to tell Dac. "Be easy, play nice") Dacquari would just hold the other end and let them tug on it. ~smile~ Since those early years with Dacquari, we've adopted two more Dobermans from a rescue (one male and one female), around the same age as her. We've taken in a 3 week old kitten, 4 ducklings, two mixed mutts and a Mini Mcaw. NONE of our Dobermans have an issue with any of the other critters small, furry, feathered or otherwise. ~smile~ I've found that it's all in the way the Doberman is raised and how you introduce the new family member. Of course, we always exercise intense supervision when something "new" comes into the house. Go ahead, get a baby Doberman, you'll wish that you'd done it years ago!! ~smile~ Best of Luck

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