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Is bringing a boxer a bad idea to bring on the beach? What happens when sand gets in their already droopy eyes?

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I have taken my boxer on the beach many times and have not had a problem yet.. but i'm no expert

I usually bring a bottle to water to pour over my Boxer's face. She has a great time at the beach. I don't see a problem with bringing any dog to the beach. Just be prepared with water for drinking and rinsing off. I always bring a clean wash cloth to wipe off her face also. Go have fun!

I took my boxer up to the shower station and rinsed him off a couple times. If there is not a shower station then take a bottle of water. Just rinse his/her eyes a few times. Taking a boxer to the beach is soooooooo fun. Just make sure they don't drink too much salt water or eat too much sand and make sure you give them plenty of water after playing at the beach. We took our boxer to the beach, he was the life of the party. Everyone LOVED him and he had soooo much fun running and spinning and jumping in the sand. He even followed me out in the ocean. Fun! Fun!!

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