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Is there any truth that boxers that have companions who die are the most saddest breed of dogs that take it the hardest? More than any other breed besides dalmations? Im asking this because a friend of mine told me this. I personally think all dogs would be sad but he said those breeds are more sad than other breeds.

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Any dog that lives with it's owner for a number of years would be natually sad, they get over it. If a dog is given a loving home with lots of love and excercise they soon get through that sad part of their life regardless of them being a Boxer or any other breed.

I agree with you. Maybe they just look more sad. Our 3 yr. old boxer just lost his buddy 2 months ago who was here all his life. He did look for him and we know he misses him but I don't think he's any worse that any other dog and I've seen other breeds that have reacted worse. I think it may be an individual, and not a breed, thing.

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