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Ive had Roxy for 2 weeks now shes 9 months old when left on her own she wees poos, and has chewed but she ownly makes a toilet mess when left allown, tryed a cage wot a mess!

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She probably has separation anxiety. You need to desensitize her to when you are gone. This is done by leaving her for increasing amounts of time, starting with only a few seconds. You can do it many times in one day, to teach her that you'll always come back. Also,don't make a big deal of coming home. ignore her at first, otherwise, you're just feeding into her feelings of it being a big deal while you're gone. Hope this helps.

My 6month old boxer does the same thing its seperation anxiety. i use to leave her out but i would come home to my house a mess everytime so now she is put up everytime

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